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29/11/2021 - Reading time 3 min

How to Prevent Duress Attacks During an ATM Replenishment

As banking technology evolves, so do the criminal’s abilities to carry out even more sophisticated financial scams where fraudsters look at the whole payments ecosystem to identify weak points. Today, it is not simply en( ... )

17/11/2021 - Reading time 4 min

How can You Protect Your ATM from Explosive Attacks?

While criminals look to new and even more inventive ways to attack ATMs such as jackpotting, cash-out, the frequency of traditional physical attacks continues to grow. The first explosive ATM attacks using gas and solid ( ... )

08/11/2021 - Reading time 2 min

Why is Ink Dye, IBNS, the Best Cash Protection Solution for your ATM?

Automated Teller Machines meet consumers demands for 24/7 access to cash. This is seen with ATMs in locations such as retail stores, shopping malls, gas stations, and transport hubs. The convenience that ATMs offer is no( ... )

02/11/2021 - Reading time 2 min

Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems in the Asia-Pacific region

Cash Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems, IBNS, are a proven deterrent against ATM and CiT physical crimes. Ink staining technology is the most efficient way to identify banknotes as being stolen. In some countri( ... )

13/10/2021 - Reading time 3 min

How to protect ATMs from physical attacks?

Off-premise deployments are very attractive for financial institutions but the risk of an ATM attack is significantly higher at such locations. Bank business models are moving towards the use of large numbers of self-ser( ... )

04/10/2021 - Reading time 2 min

How to tackle the last 10 years increase of ATM attacks in Germany ?

For more than 10 years, ATMs attacks in Germany have been an issue that banks have been unable to satisfactorily address, despite there being clear evidence that for many years IBNS cash protection systems have proven to( ... )

27/09/2021 - Reading time 1 min

Oberthur Cash Protection aims to reduce operational impact

Operating responsibility is the key for a sustainable business. We in Oberthur Cash Protection recognise that we work in a resource constrained world so we are evolving our business to adapt to the challenges.

01/07/2021 - Reading time 2 min

How IBNS and associated technologies can prevent physical attacks ?

For over 30 years, our customers have been using Oberthur Cash Protection’s IBNS systems to reduce attacks during cash operations bringing intelligence physically close from the banknotes. Today, our IBNS systems are man( ... )

11/05/2021 - Reading time 2 min

Oberthur Cash Protection & IBNS : over 30 years experience

Oberthur Cash Protection, a subsidiary of Oberthur Fiduciaire Group, invented the IBNS concept during the mid 80’s and have been developing it ever since for use in the Cash in Transit, ATM, and Retail global environment( ... )