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Blog Oberthur Cash Protection

24/07/2023 - Reading time 3 min

How IBNS can prevent attacks on cash payment and deposit machines ?

Cash deposit machines have been in use for many years in the banking and retail sectors. However, during the pandemic, many small and medium size retail stores either by installing front desk or back office deposit machi( ... )

12/10/2022 - Reading time 4 min

How to protect operators against attacks on their ticket vending machines and kiosks ?

With ticket vending machines and kiosks being increasing attacked due to the relative ease that criminals are able to gain access to the cash held inside there is a need to find a solution that will both protect the cash( ... )

02/11/2021 - Reading time 2 min

Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems in the Asia-Pacific region

Cash Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems, IBNS, are a proven deterrent against ATM and CiT physical crimes. Ink staining technology is the most efficient way to identify banknotes as being stolen. In some countri( ... )

27/09/2021 - Reading time 1 min

Oberthur Cash Protection aims to reduce operational impact

Operating responsibility is the key for a sustainable business. We in Oberthur Cash Protection recognise that we work in a resource constrained world so we are evolving our business to adapt to the challenges.

01/07/2021 - Reading time 2 min

How IBNS and associated technologies can prevent physical attacks ?

For over 30 years, our customers have been using Oberthur Cash Protection’s IBNS systems to reduce attacks during cash operations bringing intelligence physically close from the banknotes. Today, our IBNS systems are man( ... )