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21/03/2024 - Reading time 2 min

How IBNS can improve the cash transfer operation in Asia Pacific ?

Welcome to the era of enhanced physical security and efficiency in cash transfer operations across the Asia Pacific region. With the implementation of Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems (IBNS), countries in APAC( ... )

01/12/2023 - Reading time 3 min

Strengthening Cash Security : The Imperative for IBNS Adoption by Central Banks

In an age dominated by digital transactions, the imperative to fortify the security of physical currency remains of most importance. This article delves into why central banks, the custodians of a nation's monetary stabi( ... )

04/10/2023 - Reading time 8 min

What is Cash in Transit ?

Cash in Transit, or CIT for short, refers to the physical transfer process of cash from one location to another. This usually means moving cash between locations such as banks, ATMs, retail stores, cash centres etc. what( ... )

24/07/2023 - Reading time 3 min

How IBNS can prevent attacks on cash payment and deposit machines ?

Cash deposit machines have been in use for many years in the banking and retail sectors. However, during the pandemic, many small and medium size retail stores either by installing front desk or back office deposit machi( ... )

22/11/2022 - Reading time 6 min

How to protect the ATM Fascia against logical attacks?

Multiplicity of points of sale and independent cash machines to access cash 24 x 7 Consumers demand for access to their cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and its increased convenience have led to multiple points of sale( ... )

10/02/2022 - Reading time 3 min

Benefits of IBNS for Cash Management Companies

The commercial pressures on Cash in Transit companies mean that they are forever looking to offer improved services at a reduce cost but without compromising on security and the safety of their operatives. The use of Int( ... )

04/01/2022 - Reading time 4 min

How to Reduce Physical Attacks on ATMs ?

Before you can understand how to best protect an ATM from physical attack, you need to be aware of the vulnerable points that are attacked by criminals. ATMs are seen as attractive targets by criminals as they are often ( ... )

20/12/2021 - Reading time 2 min

The Most Famous ATM Robberies Over The Last 10 Years

Pulling off a successful heist is not as easy as it seems. However, despite all the efforts made by ATM deployers both Independent and Banks, as well as the Cash in Transit companies to prevent attacks there have been so( ... )

07/12/2021 - Reading time 2 min

How to Protect ATMs from Blackbox and Malware Attacks?

ATM attacks continually evolve as measures are put in place to deter them with higher-grade vaults, anti-explosive vaults and anti-skimming devices etc. Criminals consistently look for weak points in both ATMs and their ( ... )