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How IBNS and associated technologies can prevent physical attacks ?

Prevent CIT ATM physical attack IBNS

For over 30 years, our customers have been using Oberthur Cash Protection’s IBNS systems to reduce attacks during cash operations bringing intelligence physically close from the banknotes. Today, our IBNS systems are managed in real time allowing all decision makers to be closer to their cash and assets-anywhere, anytime making physical attacks pointless.



Ink Staining and Taggants technologies stop criminals


With indelible Ink, robbery is pointless :

The inks used by OCP when attacked will permanently dye the banknotes making it clear they are stolen. For over 30 Years, our R&D Department have contributed to the development of ink formulas with SICPA. These inks have been tested using expert external Laboratories such as CNPP. The acceptance criteria are defined by Ministries of Interior and Police forces. Today 5 formulas are available with a similar number going through our R&D process . We focus on delivering non washable inks, meeting local legislation, H&S constraints with acceptable life times. More and more people know the message that a stained banknote is most probably a ‘stolen banknote’. Most of the cash Deposit machines are now capable of identifying and reject stained banknotes. Central Banks such as the European Central Bank, are becoming convinced by the effectiveness of the technology and putting steps in place to support our industry.

IBNS Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System

Unique Taggants have secured criminal convictions :

IBNS Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System

The embedded taggants provided by OCP can be of different granulometry levels :  same taggant per production batch, taggant dedicated to a client, unique taggant per single device (ATM cassette, security case, etc.). With our collaboration with OLNICA we are able to supply more than a billion individual codes. Sometimes these forensic taggants are the only legal proof between a criminal and the crime. Our taggants are based on rare Earth components which do not degrade over the years. OCP collaborate with a number of forensic laboratories so we all have up-to-date databases to speed up analysis. Thanks to our technology, in 2020, IRCGN was able to prove the identity of a thief who stole banknotes 13 years ago (2007).


Connected technologies to control cash security through Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System


Our solutions to secure Operators and Banknotes wherever there is a risk :

WConnected technologies Cash Securitye secure cash in transit operations with smart containers. We secure ATMs with ICSD and Cash Deposit Machines and deposit safes with IMSD. Since 2016 our solutions have been managed on line with our Mobile Applications. This feature means that the Security Managers are controlling operation in real time, including remote activation of the IBNS system. This is an effective method to counter duress attacks. The introduction of a One Time Password removes the need for authentication keys reducing operational cost!

Internet of Things (IoT) networks to increase security as well as providing more information in real time :

Both GNSS and GPRS/LTE networks, are supported, this greatly helps to manage ‘crisis situations’- tracking, recovering the assets and arresting the thieves. There is the added benefit of the possibility for Security Managers to trigger the IBNS system remotely.

Since 2019 we have focused on developing hybrid modules combining historical networks and IoT networks. By offering these hybrid solutions to cash operators we provide :

  • Better positioning service knowing satellites networks limitations in harsh conditions.
  • Higher accuracy, outdoor and indoor tracking and recovering.
  • Large number of data can be collected with no additional cost.
  • Longer autonomy with comparable communication bearers.
  • Ubiquity of positioning and remote communication in all our IBNS product lines.
  • Embedding the most up-to-date security levels in our IBNS products.
Cash Security Oberthur App
 We will continue our mission, to develop and provide the technology that can be used to protect our customers cash. Our aim is to stop physical attacks so that cash will remain the favorite method of payment for generations to come !


Erwan Marsaud, R&D Director of Oberthur Cash Protection


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