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Oberthur Cash Protection & IBNS : over 30 years experience

Patrice Rullier Oberthur

Oberthur Cash Protection, a subsidiary of Oberthur Fiduciaire Group, invented the IBNS concept during the mid 80’s and have been developing it ever since for use in the Cash in Transit, ATM, and Retail global environments around where  it has proven to be a most effective deterrent against violent crime.

What is IBNS ? 

IBNS definition (Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems) :

Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems (IBNS) protect cash against unauthorized access by rendering the banknotes unusable: once an attempted attack on the system is detected, all the cash is automatically marked as stolen by using a degradation agent.

Stained notes ASIA OC v2

IBNS : context and origin

Since the 1980s, SICPA has been developing and supplying staining inks. The use of these inks provide both professionals and the general public with clear and irrefutable proof that stained banknotes are stolen banknotes. These inks cannot be removed from the stained banknotes: a unique formula makes it impossible to remove the ink even with a sophisticated cleaning process without severly damaging the banknotes.

Staining inks have proven to be most effective in preventing crime. Indeed, according to figures from the European Intelligent Cash Protection Association, the use of IBNS (banknote neutralization anti-theft systems) has grown significantly. These systems make it possible to fight ATM crimes, during the transport of funds and in all places where bank notes are stored.


Oberthur Cash Protection & IBNS 

Who we are ?

Oberthur Cash ProtectionOBERTHUR CASH PROTECTION designs and manufactures intelligent cash protection systems and security solutions for the Cash-In-Transit, ATM & Retail markets throughout the world. Our systems use technology to detect attempted attacks or theft, and protect the cash by permanently marking it as stolen, rendering it valueless.

Oberthur Cash Protection pioneer of IBNS

While invented in the 1980', it was not until the early 1990's that ir really started to develop, primeraly in Belgium and France where it was used to secure Cash in Transit against violent attacks. In 2003 the European Central Bank issued a regulation that permitted ink staining, allowed the reimbursement/exchange of stained notes. Its use was then made mandatory in Belgium where It has proven to be extremly effective deterrent, since 2007 no CIT vehicle has been attacked.


The future of IBNS

IBNS is there to make access and use of cash safe (ATMs and Retail)Patrice Rullier

Violent crime aimed at Cash in Transit vehicles is reducing  in a number of countries (excluding South Africa), we are seeing a shift of attacks towards the less protected ATMs & retail environments.

Gas and solid explosive attacks are becoming increasingly more popular agaisnt ATMs and  it is here that IBNS has a very good track record of  reducing attacks in numerous countries such as France.

IBNS is officially recognized by over 60 Central Banks and adopted by between 5 to 10 new countries every year

IBNS adoptionEvery year we are witnessing an increasing number of countries permitting the use of IBNS, some are even making its use mandatory to protect  ATMs. This is mostly because local polices forces, following the Europol recommandation, consider that it is a very efficent way to fight crime especially when coupled with unique taggants in the staining inks (Olnica) that help convict criminals. National Central Banks just have to issue similar regulations to the European Central Bank one to permit the use of IBNS.

IBNS has now become the standard for Cash Protection all over the world. More and more countries (Central Banks & Ministries of Police/Interior)  are about to adopt and sometimes make it mandatory to secure their CIT/ cash transportation and/or ATMs  located in certain locations.


Patrice Rullier, Managing Director of Oberthur Cash Protection


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